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Food Matters Live 2019

UNIPEKTIN INGREDIENTS exhibiting at Food Matters Live 2019.

19–20 November 2019, ExCeL, London.

One event. Two days. The brightest innovators in food and drink.
A curated exhibition with hundreds of exhibitors and speakers, and thousands of visitors from across the global food and drink industry coming together to create cross-sector connections.


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Unipektin’s Agents in Australia, SAVANNAH BIO SYSTEMS, move to their new Head Office

Savannah Sydney – A multi-million-dollar investment in the future! New Head Office, Customer Engagement Kitchen and Application Demonstration Room.

Scott Trethowen, Commercial Manager: It is with great excitement that I announce that Savannah Bio Systems Australia has acquired a new Head Office location in the heart of North Shore Sydney.
This long-term investment in the future is to build on our capabilities and to ensure we continue to provide excellence in customer support and service in the specialty ingredients industry.
The new facility, comprising of 3 floors, has been completely rebuilt internally to accommodate our new Head Office, Customer Engagement Kitchen and Application Demonstration Room.

see the full press release here

FIE Paris 2019

UNIPEKTIN INGREDIENTS exhibiting at Food Ingredients Europe 2019.

03 – 05 December 2019, Villepinte Parc des Expositions, Paris, France.

Fi Europe & Ni is the world’s leading food and beverage ingredients platform. Held biennially in a major European city, Fi Europe & Ni brings together the world’s leading food and beverage suppliers and specialists in research and development, production and marketing to showcase the most diverse range of new and innovative ingredients and services.

Visit UNIPEKTIN INGREDIENTS AG at Stand 6D21 – Zone Natural Ingredients

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Freiwilliger Klimaschutz und Energieeffizienz…. CO2 und kWh reduziert.

EnAW-Zertifikat 2019

Mit Überzeugung produziert UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG seit Jahrzehnten natürliche Hydrokolloide und Nahrungsfasern aus nachhaltigem und ökologischem Anbau für den globalen Markt.

Auch für die Produktion im Werk Eschenz setzt das Unternehmen auf einen nachhaltigen Umgang mit Energieressourcen. UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG bekennt sich seit Jahren freiwillig zur aktiven Reduktion der CO2-Emission und zur Optimierung der Energieeffizienz.

Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency….CO2 and kWh reduced.

UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG for decades has been producing natural hydrocolloids and nutritional fibres from sustainable and ecological farming for the global market.

The company is also committed to sustainable handling of energy resources for the production at its Eschenz plant. UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG voluntarily for many years has been committed to actively reduce CO2 emissions and to optimise energy efficiency.

Vidofibres BF – A new generation sugar beet fibre

Sugar beet fibre is one of the best-documented fibres and has been used as preferred fibre in many studies, both functional and nutritional. Mainly since it was one of the first extracted fibres, first explored by various Sugar producers in the 1980s.

With an upgraded production method, the new generation Vidofibres BF Sugar Beet Fibre has a significantly reduced off-taste and colour compared to previous Sugar beet fibres in the market. The method also provides a wider and higher range of water holding capacity to better adapt to customer needs.

The composition of the sugar beet is approximately 76% water, 18% sugar, and the rest 6% is the cell walls. After sugar extraction, the cell wall material (beet pulp) is dried, then milled and carefully controlled to become Vidofibres BF, a high-quality fibre which gives opportunities as a functional and healthy ingredient in food applications.

Vidofibres BF has 67% (AOAC) fibre content – the remaining part is protein, some sugar residues (<5%) as well as low water content which gives long shelflife if stored properly (<65%rh)

Water activity is 0,4 – a value below 0.6 is regarded as the absolute minimum water activity for all known microorganisms. All microbiological activity will be eliminated below this critical value.

The insoluble fibre part is mainly cellulose and the soluble part pectin. Images below, magnified 300 times, shows how the cell walls trap water. This since the dried particle (left), when resoaked with water (right) fills the empty cells, where it will partly gel with the pectin creating small depots surrounded by cell walls. Vidofibre BF keeps this extra water in the end product, independent upon the process temperature. The water holding capacity is, depending upon particle size/quality, between 3,5-12 times its own weight.

The product is free from gluten and works excellent in e.g. gluten-free bread. It is free from phytic acid, which could act as a mineral blocker.

A selection of application possibilities:

  • Bakery – prolong softness in bread, reinforcement in dry baked goods, fibre enrichment
  • Meat products – reduce frying loss, less oil uptake in deep-fried products, improve texture
  • Health products – fibre addition in mueslis, extruded products (1-40%), fibre tablets (>90%) etc. The health effects are confirmed by several clinical studies and approved EFSA &EU Health claims.

Sugar Beet Fibre (Rübenfaser)

A new sugar beet fibre is launched by UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG. The sugar beet fibre is produced in the site Eschenz in Switzerland from 100% natural sugar beet pulp (Zuckerrübensirup) after the sugar extraction.

The sugar beet fibre from UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG provides a high water holding capacity in the ratio 7 g to 12 g water per 1 g fibre depending on the quality.

The sugar beet fibre fulfils all current legislations and is gluten free and according clean label policy.

Sugar beet fibre is typically used as functional fibre in bakery, meat and other food applications.

09. January 2017

Neu Schweizer Apfelfaser / New Swiss Apple Fibre / La Nouvelle Fibre de Pommes Suisse

Die Apfelfaser VIDOFIBRE AF von UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG wird zu 100% aus Schweizer Äpfeln in einem besonders schonenden thermischen Verfahren im schweizerischen Eschenz hergestellt. Das Produkt erfüllt die neue „Swissness“-Gesetzgebung, welche am 1. Januar 2017 in Kraft tritt.

Die Apfelfaser VIDOFIBRE AF eignet sich besonders als Zutat für frische Backwaren. Die Schweizer Apfelfaser weist ein optimales Spektrum an löslichen und unlöslichen Ballaststoffen auf. Der Gesamtfasergehalt liegt bei circa 60%. VIDOFIBRE AF ist glutenfrei und enthält einen hohen Anteil an Mineralien.


The apple fibre of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG is a natural product based on Swiss apples. VIDOFIBRE AF is produced by a gentle thermal process in  Eschenz, Switzerland. The product fulfills the new “Swissness” Regulations effective January 1st, 2017.

VIDOFIBRE AF is especially suitable for baking products and provides freshness and excellent process properties with an increased yield. The Swiss Apple Fibre consists of an optimal profile of soluble and insoluble fibres. VIDOFIBRE AF is gluten-free and has a high content of minerals.

La fibre aux pommes VIDOFIBRE AF d’UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG est un produit naturel fabriqué aux pommes Suisse par un procédé avec ménagement thermique dans notre unité de production à Eschenz en Suisse.
Le produit accomplit la nouvelle législation “Swissness” quelle entre en vigueur le premier janvier 2017.

La fibre aux pommes VIDOFIBRE AF se qualifie spécidement pour les produits de boulangerie frais. La fibre aux pommes présente un spectre optimal de fibres alimentaires soluble et insoluble. La teneur en fibre entière est d’environ 60%. VIDOFIBRE AF est sans gluten et contient une part élevée minéraux.